HH Penor Rinoche

His Holiness Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche

Pema Norbu was born in 1932, the year of the Water Monkey, in the Powo region of Kham, East Tibet. His father’s name was Sonam Gyurme and his mother was called Dzemkyi. It was the twelfth month of the Tibetan year when he was born — a bitterly cold, bleak and dry season when nothing grows. Yet at the time of Pema Norbu’s birth, sweetly scented flowers burst into blossom all around his village.

Khenpo Ngaga foresaw the exceptional destiny of the new incarnation. In 1936, the year of the Fire Mouse, the young Penor Rinpoche was invited to the Palyul monastery where he took refuge with the great and learned Khenpo. Khenpo Ngaga performed the traditional hair cutting ceremony and gave him the name Dhongag Shedrup Tenzin. Khenpo Ngaga then granted him the long life empowerment of Amitayus and composed the long-life prayer which is still chanted daily by thousands of Penor Rinpoche’s followers all over the world.

Pema Norbu was formally enthroned by his master Thubten Chökyi Dawa (1894-1959) the second Choktrul Rinpoche, and Karma Thekchok Nyingpo (1908-1958) the fourth Karma Kuchen Rinpoche. In time, Penor Rinpoche would become the eleventh throne holder of Palyul Monastery with its more than four hundred branch monasteries. He spent many years at Palyul, studying and receiving teachings from numerous masters and scholars, including Karma Kuchen, the tenth throneholder, who carefully prepared him as his successor.

There are many instances demonstrating Penor Rinpoche’s extraordinary powers even as a young child. On one occasion he was playing with an old and precious vajra when it suddenly slipped through his fingers and dropped to the ground, breaking in two. Fearing a reprimand from his teacher, he quickly glued it back together with his own saliva, making the vajra stronger than ever before. A similar incident occurred later on when, during the Chasum ceremony, he accidentally dropped his ritual bell onto the stone floor. Everyone assumed that the bell had shattered, but when Penor Rinpoche picked it up, it was unbroken and rang even more sweetly than before. At the age of 15, Penor Rinpoche left his footprint in stone near Dago retreat monastery above Palyul where it can still be seen today.

Once while he was still young, Rinpoche was approached by an old man who insisted that he practice Phowa for him. Innocently he complied with the request. At the end of the practice, he shocked to see that the old man had passed away – the Phowa had worked only too well! Immediately he started to practice again, to revive the corpse lying there in front of him. To his immense relief, the old man came back to life, but instead of thanking him, he shouted, “For heaven’s sake, why did you bring me back? I was already in the Pure Land of the Buddha Amitabha!”

Today, the old man’s great grandson works at Rinpoche’s monastery in India.

Prayer to His Holiness, Penor Rinpoche

Homage to His Holiness, Penor Rinpoche


§ 13 Responses to HH Penor Rinoche

  • Sangay Wangchuk says:

    We,the Bhutanese love His Holiness Penor Rimpoche soo much and we pray for his soon return.

  • Karma Lhamo says:

    I and on behalf of the Bhutanese people would like to pray our beloved H.H. Penor Rimpoche for his soon reincarnation.

  • Tniznet says:

    I am a Bhutanese. I knew of Penor Rinpoche few years back and i have been very fortunate to recieve blessings and different “lung” from His Holiness. I dont know why but i cried when i heard of his entering parinirvana. but i still feel he is always with me close to my heart. I ll pray for his swift reincarnation and so should every1 of u guys.

  • Dorji Wangchuk says:

    Kyabje Drubwang Rinpoche La Chagtshel Lo…… I would like to remind all our beloved followers of HH to pray for swift rebirth of Rinpoche.

  • Taji Davis says:

    May H.H. Penor Rinpoche’s sacred emanaction quickly return to us.

  • Sonam Dorji says:

    Homage to Triple Gem! Homage to Guru, Deva and Daki! Homage to my Root Guru!

    It was indeed a devastingly saddest moment upon hearing on our Most Precious Teacher, HH Drubwang Pema Norbu Rimpoche entering paranirvana . Not only we the followers of His Holiness in Bhutan, the entire Buddhist Community in the world has lost their Most Precious Teacher, who infact was a Real Buddha in this degeneration period of ours. It would be very difficult for entire followers of His Holiness to fill the void created in our hearts by the absence of His Bodily Emanation.

    Therefore, it is my humble appeals to all that instead of feeling sad, we should not loss our time but strive harder in praying for swift rebirth of His Holiness.

    Sonam, Thimphu

  • sonam says:


    It is wonderful for the beleiver but some still doubt for good reason and logic. At this moment also the picture of guru rinpoche is still in crying mood or it has become as before. If it is still like that, will it remain the same forever ? This has become a topic between the beleiver and rationalism. would be grateful if some reasons are given why ? so that people are convinced. comparing the two faces of guru rinpoche, it looks really happened.



  • pemba yolmo says:

    I believe my master will lead all of us to ultimate goal as he’s always living in our hearts, I just want to get all of the precious pictures of my master. living in the guidance of master is blissful.


    May all beings be happy!

  • Thinley Dema says:

    I would like to pray our beloved H.H. Penor Rimpoche for his soon reincarnation.

  • Jambay Tashi says:

    I am Jambay Tashi working in Gross National Happiness Commission, Thimphu, Bhutan. I would like to express my deep un-happiness for loosing our great Master, HH Penor Rinpoche from the world. But I am sure that HH will return on the earth to serve and bless all sentient beings. Although, I am unfortunate fro not being able to get any teaching from HH, I have all his blessing through HH’s teaching materials and videos with HH’s many Kupars(photos) I collected from the internet(web). On top of these Kupars, I have all recent photos collected from well wishers friends of crying Guru Rinpoche and other Buddha statues at Namdroling Monastry.

    It was indeed great miracles shown to us by our Great Master HHPR. HHPR will always remain in my heart as enlightened one and bless me till I leave this world. May be HHPR will forgive me for not able to make for HH’s Parinirvana at Namdroling Monastry. I pray for HH’s swift re-turn and incarnation to persue HH’s tteaching and preaching to all sentient beings.

    May I remain blessed buy HHPR.
    Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung.

    Jambay Tashi
    GNH Commission

  • Jamyang Zeopa says:

    Penor Rinpoche Khen kheno…

  • dikipalmo says:

    i was in tears when i heard the news of HH Penor rinpoche and it is a big loss for the buddhisum…HH is always in our hearts and pray for HH recarnation.
    OM ah hum benza GURU pema sidhi hum.

  • Michael Lien says:

    I feel gratitude for the teachings and instructions received from H. H. Penor Rinpoche, my root Guru. Besides the oral teachings, he gives us the greatest lessons on how to be a Buddhisattva by his personal tireless activities for the doctrines and all sentient beings wihout any boundaries. All disciple understand the precious teaching of Buddhism is the heart and eyes of Rinpoche, and he appears to devoted himself in all kinds of activities to preserve the precious Buddhism. It is my heartfelt petition that Rinpoche will come to this world again shiftly to let those still outside of Buddhism, enter into the Dharma, and those entered Dharma, with the caring and his guidance, can unmistakenly progress on the path till perfect enlightenment.
    Rinpoche, please come to our world swiftly based on your previous aspiration to guide us, protect us and we are sincerely hope we have the priveliage to become your disciple again.

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