Happy Holidays

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Waiting to Depart

December 4, 2010 § 1 Comment


Tongue, parched and still;
Eyes fixed on the ground.
Mind focusing on a single syllable.

Confinement calling . . .
Alienation emerging . . .

Attempting to eliminate mind’s defilements,
Yet so far, all attempts have failed.

Obscurations hide in dim regions of mind,
Veiling with saturnine darkness
The beauty within the flame.

Revered seeds
Strung on a string:
Counting steps toward holiness.

With thoughts of subsiding,
Enter and dwell;
Calmly abiding,
Insight will tell.

The moon will disappear into the water
When the time has arrived to depart.
I sit in silence until then,
Sitting until I arrive.

Where Am I?

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