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Standing quietly, I watched through the window, careful to not make a sound that the crow on the other side of the glass pane might somehow hear. The crow walked about the green lawn (or maybe it was more of a hop), turning his head this way and that, gazing up at the sky which had held him the moment before.

A second crow joined. I smiled, being fond of crows for a reason I don’t remember now. The two crows didn’t even seem to see each other, making their way around without any visible reference to each other.

Then a third black feathered traveler landed, and the three danced with an indifferent air to one another. I smiled again, thinking of the Three Jewels of the Dharma. It had been a while since I’d seen more than one crow at a time, so this was a treat.

As I watched, two more left the sky and joined this dance of black feathers. The five of them didn’t seem particularly interested in anything, nor bothered by anything either. One hopped onto the top railing of the fence. Another spread its wings and effortlessly took perch on a low branch of  a cedar tree.

Playfully, dancing a waltz in slow motion, they pranced their way down the yard, and then exited the dance floor in a mass flutter of feathers, returning to the womb of the embracing sky.


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To all Palyul vajra sisters and brothers, may the summer retreat be most auspicious for all of you.

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