Attempt at Mindfullness

December 8, 2009 § 2 Comments

A couple of months ago I traveled to Maryland, to KPC, to see HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, Khenpo Norgey, and the wonderful monks accompanying them. It was a wonderful week, filled with many blessings. I was also able to visit with other friends from Palyul Ling.

Now, back in Colorado, I am simply trying to hold things together. As many western ordained in the Tibetan traditions, I have to work in order to support myself. It isn’t the best situation, but we begin where we are for the benefit of those who will ordain in the future.

I work as a nurse. It’s wonderful work, exhausting, but rewarding. Daily I see the effects of impermanence, lives lived their fullest, dreams unfulfilled, people abandoned by their family, and those encircled by loving arms. I learn daily from the patients I tend, about patience, listening, compassion.

Now the challenge is to balance being a nurse with daily meditation and prayer, while being mindful as a monk during all of it.

Not much to share at the moment, nothing meaningful. Just trying to remain mindful.


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